ElMag - Advanced Corrosion Control

Corrosion protection for seawater submerged steel structures in the marine environment is a critical protection regime to assure the asset life lasts as designed.

Conventional Cathodic Protection (CP) either by sacrificial anode system or impressed current system is adopted for seawater submerged steel protection. Cathodic Protection is widely applied practically on every ship, drilling rig, offshore platform, marine wharf and jetty. Both the sacrificial anode and impressed current system have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the sacrificial anodes system, the energy consumption cost is embedded in the initial capital outlay as the anodes deplete throughout the design life while the impressed current system consumes energy progressively.

Elmag opens a new chapter in corrosion protection history by using an all GREEN working principle and approach. It delivers the full protection as provided in Cathodic Protection and yet runs on renewable wind powered energy.

ElMag Effects:

  • Protective "Black" magnetite film forms under old porous red rust later, coating & protecting the steel
  • New protective calcareous layer forms on surface of magnetite
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