BacComber - Cooling Water Treatment System

With the increasing demand on high performance green technology to save our environment, Baccomber offers not only more effective & efficient water treatment solutions, but also provide long term eco-friendly protection to your system.

BacComber uses Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Patented Technology to treat the water without harming the environment (non-chemical treatment), and is proven to be effective & efficient in scaling, corrosion, and biological control as all-in-1 solutions for your water treatment.

Benefits of using BacComber:

  • Eco-friendly (non-chemical)
  • Less water, less cost (water savings & recycling).
  • Maximum System Performance (Lower Energy Consumption)
  • Improve safety and non-hazardous working environment
  • Hassle-free installation and maintenance
  • Long term usage without monthly fees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Green Branding
  • Green Building Awards (1 green point)
  • ISO Certification (14000, 26000, etc)
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