ECOSPEC Singapore Green Technologies Wins Singapore Business Federation's Green Technology Award 2014

4 Nov 2014

Singapore, November 4, 2014: Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd was given the Green Technology Award Achievement of Excellence by Singapore Business Federation’s Singapore Sustainability Awards 2014 for its outstanding green inventions as an “Enabler” community-organization that provides best-of-class green technology solutions, meeting sustainability needs of businesses, environment and society. The Singapore Sustainability Awards is an initiative of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) which showcases the most innovative and impactful sustainable practices and green solutions amongst organizations in Singapore.

The citation from Singapore Business Federation during the award was as follows:

“Ecospec clearly belongs to outstanding organizations that have demonstrated strong and compelling green technology solutions, while ensuring a high level of commitment and performance to other criteria of corporate environment responsibility, measurement of impact and innovation. This award serves as a yardstick for enterprises to benchmark against the standards of leading companies. It is the epitome of prestige that Singapore businesses strive to achieve, through the attainment of a winning and sustainable edge”.

The sustainable green technologies that exalted Ecospec internationally include the renowned award winning CSNOx emission control technology, the world’s first and only commercially viable solution which reduces effectively the CO2 greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants SO2 and NOx in a single process. The CSNOx technology helps to mitigate global warming and acid rain pollution issues.

Among Singapore Green Building Council - certified Green Products, BacComber cooling water treatment system which is an Ecospec green invention, holds the distinction of treating the cooling tower water using the Ultra Low Frequency wave patented by Ecospec. It eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and helps the conservation of our natural resources through recycling of cooling water resulting in substantial energy savings.

On the significance of this prestigious Green Technology Award, Mr. Chew Hwee Hong, Managing Director of Ecospec said, “The process of seeding a new green technology invention idea to achieving the goal of successful implementation by the industries and communities worldwide is never achieved without great efforts. Throughout the years of development, the most challenging segment has been the recognition and the acceptance of the technology by the stakeholders, not the invention itself! The SBF Green Technology Awards not only brands Ecospec as a home grown technology, it conjugates the pavement of Singapore Green technology to the world arena as a leader, not a follower. Since incorporation, Ecospec has received numerous international green awards but nothing beats the warmth of encouragement flared from our home base SBF Green Technology Awards. It goes a long way to benefit our mankind ultimately and hopefully Humansaurus fossils will never come true!

Mr. Chew Hwee Hong receiving the Green Technology Award from Singapore Business Federation’s Guest of Honor Senior Minister of State Mr. Lee Yi Shyan of Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of National Development.

About Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd

Ecospec is a technological company that incessantly research and develop cost-effective environmental solutions for the onshore and marine industries. Founded in 2001, Ecospec perpetually invents technology with heart and mind, standing by the principle that the green technology when implemented shall not impede the progress of the society. It has since established itself globally as a pioneer and market leader in advanced water treatment and sustainable green technologies, receiving multiple recognitions and worldwide accolades.

Ecospec has environment protection committed shareholders, envisaged a long-term objective of contributing to green environment by investing into its R&D work and relentlessly committed to inventions of eco-friendly solutions in protecting and safeguarding our mother nature. With these values in mind, Ecospec will continue to uphold its global presence as the leader of revolutionary environmental technologies.

Ecospec List of Green Technologies

  • CSNOx (emission control sytem removes CO2, SOx and NOx)
  • BacComber (ULF cooling water treatment system)
  • Semb-Eco (Ballast Water Treatment System)
  • Elmag (Corrosion control system)
  • Biomag (Marine bio-fouling control system)

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