Semb-Eco BWTS

Semb-Eco L-UV Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), the world’s first LED-UV disinfection system, is jointly developed by Sembcorp Marine and Ecospec Global Technology.

With Ecospec’s more than 10 years of experience in water treatment, our knowledge in dealing with different organisms has led us to develop a low powered, non-chemical BWTS.

Semb-Eco LUV BWTS combines the synergistic effect of the conventional UV (Ultra-Violet) and Ecospec’s patented ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) wave technology. The pooling of these 2 segments of the electromagnetic spectrum (UV and ULF) produces a highly efficient non-chemical treatment system that consumes very low power.

The Semb-Eco system has gone through one of toughest testing regime in terms of the water conditions and response time. Its land-based tests were conducted at DHI Singapore, whose test-site in the tropics sees warm weather where organisms multiply and thrive in huge numbers as compared to temperate regions. To ensure the system’s robustness, shipboard tests were carried out in diverse water conditions ranging from tropical waters off Thailand to temperate waters off the United States.

The Semb-Eco system was subjected to a more challenging 2-day test cycle as compared to the usual 5-day cycle tested by other BWTS makers. This shortened reaction time makes the system highly suitable for short sea or container vessels.

The performance of the Semb-Eco BWTS is not affected by turbidity unlike conventional UV system. It derives from the ULF effect on sea creatures.

The ULF excitation treatment of the water promotes the formation of magnetite in the ballast water system reducing corrosion as opposed to the water from chemical systems attacking the surface of tanks and steel structures.

The Semb-Eco L-UV BWTS has completed all the mandatory testing requirements both land based and shipboard in accordance to IMO G8 guidelines proceeding to be tested in accordance to the USCG procedures.

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