ElMag - Advanced Corrosion Control

Corrosion protection for seawater submerged steel structures in the marine environment is a critical protection regime to assure the asset life lasts as designed.

Conventional Cathodic Protection (CP) either by sacrificial anode system or Impressed Current (ICCP) system is adopted for seawater submerged steel protection. Both systems are unable to deal with dissimilar metal corrosion. The ElMag corrosion effect on the other hand is able to extent its corrosion control protection to hard to reach places.

The ElMag system utilizes the ULF wave treatment to form a Protective "Black" magnetite film under the old porous red rust, coating & protecting the steel. With continuous treatment, a new calcareous layer forms on the surface of the magnetite film further protecting the steel surface. Magnetite is self repairing if damaged and protect the steel if there is interference current.

The power consumption of the ElMag system is lower than the ICCP system and it does not leaves metal fragments like the sacrificial anodes which may cause more damage to the moving surfaces in confined space.

Elmag opens a new chapter in corrosion protection history by using an all GREEN working principle and approach. It delivers more superior corrosion protections than cathodic protection under the most demanding conditions.

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