CSNOx™ is the world’s first 3-in-1 emission abatement system. It not just achieves impressive removal rates for sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), the CSNOx™ is also a revolutionary system that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) all in one process, in a single system. Emission abatement is achieved at a net carbon reduction. Even more notable, the wash water for the open loop CSNOx™ system is non-acidic, the system does not discharge any secondary pollutants or harmful substances into the sea.

Such results are achieved without any chemicals being introduced. Instead, Ecospec’s patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) wave electromagnetic treatment is utilized with all results verified by ABS.

CSNOx™ is not just applicable for marine usage, but also applicable for large land-based emission treatment such as incinerators, power plants and refineries.

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CSNOx remains the only system able to remove SO2, CO2 and NOx all in one system today. However, to meet market demands a system has been developed primarily to remove SO2. The cSOx system not only enable shipowners/operators to meet the emission requirements in the ECA zone, conscious effort is also made to include CO2 abatement concurrently to allow companies to fulfill their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) duty.

cSOx is a truly complete closed loop system with no bleed off or overboard discharge at all. This feature is especially useful for vessels operating in waters with zero discharge which a regulation that has become increasing common.

The cSOx process relies on the patented ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) wave treatment of water to remove the gases. Unlike conventional systems, the cSOx system does not require purely freshwater, huge amount of cooling water and a cooler to support the chemical process. This eliminates the need for a new sea chest and water treatment plant to neutralize the wash water before bleed off.  This also translates to very little sludge which is non toxic, non hazardous and mainly made up of soot from scrubbing.

The cSOx tower can be installed in a distributed manner; it is not necessary to have one straight pipe allowing installation flexibility where height is an issue. It is not necessary to use GRE piping or duplex steel tower in the cSOx system, lower cost high strength steel pipe is sufficient as the washed water is non-corrosive unlike conventional chemical systems.

Conventional SOx scrubbers in the industry require an extraction fan to compensate for the pressure loss. The cSOx system does not require such addition.

The cSOx system is upgradeable to the full CSNOx version should the future regulations call for tighter emission of CO2 and to include NOx reduction for existing ships.

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